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The Landes and nearby Côte Basque are the surf meccas of Europe. All of your expectations will be fulfilled here because there’s always a rideable wave to be found in the region, and the statistics prove that the prevailing winds are blowing offshore. This coastline is a real wavemagnet due to a finger of extremely deep water that is pointing straight to the Atlantic Ocean. Even the smallest wrinkle in the ocean is lead straight to the world famous breaks, so a flat spell here is always short-lived. Not surprising that Hossegor, a short drive away from our house, is the annual host to the world championships of surfing.

Biarritz is the birthplace of surfing in Europe and the locals have been braving the waves here for over 50 years. Several generations have the surfing virus running through their veins, so don’t be surprised when you’re sharing the line-up with grandpa on his malibu and his six year old grandson who’s paddling in his first waves. Surfing is alive here and when the swell is pumping the local surfers leave their earthly life for what it is and choose a relaxing dawn patrol over the morning rush hour. The inherent feeling of freedom the rhythm of nature offers is mindblowing and we’re more than glad that we can share this with our guests.

Design: Jean Smette & Aurélie Destrooper • Coding: Henri De Veene