Family Room (Bluebay) - Board 'n Breakfast

Family Room (Bluebay)

Would you like to stay at the B&B with your family or a group of friends? We have several options available:

  • 3 people: pick the Beachhouse, Dreamland or the Waikiki. These rooms are the perfect choice if you’re a couple with child/baby, or 3 friends and you wish to stay at the B&B.
  • 3 to 4 people: you can stay at the renewed Bluebay room. We can change the arrangement of the beds to fit your specific needs: either 1 double bed and two single beds or 4 single beds. This room has a shared bathroom with the Dreamland room.
  • 5, 6 or 7 people: choose a combination of the Dreamland room and the Bluebay room. These rooms have a shared bathroom.

Additional information: 

  • Enjoy the unique Board ‘n Breakfast atmosphere and service
  • Surf service: we’re always ready to advise you when and where to surf taking into account your level. We might even join you on the water!
  • Every morning you’ll be served a healthy and delicious breakfast
  • Cosy lounge area with wood stove
  • Common kitchen and bar
  • We can arrange surfboard and wetsuit hire
  • We can arrange fatbikes. With these bikes you can search for you very own virgin wave.
  • Garden area with hammocks and lounge
  • BBQ
  • Free wifi
  • Use of our skateboards, longskates, carverboards is included
  • There is a bike available to do groceries, check the surf or for a small tour around the area
  • Possibility of babysitting and day care at Board ‘n Breakfast
  • We never put people together in the same room, unless you travel solo. Do you still want some private space, then we ask you to pay a little extra
  • Swimming pool


Bluebay 1 p. 2 p. 3 p. 4 p.
High season (July & Aug)
* price per week
€ 850 € 1000
Mid season (Mai, June, Sept & Oct)
* price per night
€ 105 € 130
Low season (Nov – Avril)
* price per night
€ 60 € 60 € 30 € 110
Bluebay + Dreamland 5 p. 6 p. 7 p.
High season (July & Aug)
* price per week
€ 1510 € 1660 € 1850
Mid season (Mai, June,  Sept & Oct)
* price per night
€ 165 € 190 € 215
Low season (Nov – Avril)
* price per night
€ 140 € 160 € 180

If you only stay for one night, we ask a supplement of €5 per person – Children under 3 years stay for free, children under 10 stay at half-price. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


We will remain open this winter. To ensure safety in times of Covid-19, we reduce the number of guests and provide more space.