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When to surf?

Surfing all year round

France’s West coast has surf for any kind of surfer any given day of the year. With our insider information you’ll be sure to end up on the right spot for you.

The Landes is known for its powerful waves, even on a small day they can really pack a punch! Those are exactly our favorite conditions: not too big swell, but powerful nonetheless. Unfortunately we’re not alone and it can get very crowded in the line up. Luckily the region has a lot of hidden gems and we’ll be happy to share them with you. Sometimes it means you’ll have to get up before the break of dawn but what’s better than starting the day watching the sun rise riding a wave?

Surf trip in spring

Spring is an excellent period for a surf trip to the Landes. Days are getting longer and warmer, and the waves just keep rolling in with an almost mechanical perfection. On top of that, the waters are not yet too crowded!

The summer is the surfing destination in the Landes

The summertime has small to medium sized waves on offer. Perfect for beginners, but challenging enough for the more experienced surfers. No matter the swell height, the waves keep their perfect shape due to the dominant offshore winds, especially in the morning and the evening.

Best surf is in autumn

Rock ‘n roll: autumn is prime surf season in the Landes! A constant offshore breeze, decent sized swells and pleasant temperatures in and out of the water. Don’t forget to bring your gun!

Winter swell 

During the winter the waves can reach giant proportions, often too big for most of the beach breaks. But no need to worry, you won’t have to wait in vain on the beach for the swell to drop in size. Close by Labenne, in Capbreton, more south on the Côte Basque and near the Spanish border, there are enough sheltered bays to find a rideable wave.