Who we are - Board 'n Breakfast

Who we are

Having the same ultimate goal as a couple is a rare thing. We were lucky, and didn’t hesitate trying to fulfill our dream: getting our own home under the sun at a beach with an endless supply of waves. Most couples only dare to try this at a later age. Not us… Since 2010 we’re living the dream, together with everyone who loves sun, sea, beach and the corresponding lifestyle.

After many freezing surf sessions on the North Sea and trips all around the world, the call of the ocean had become too strong. We dreamt of a life in sync with the rythm of the ocean and her swell. It was clear that France was the perfect location: it has easily accessible beaches with prime surfing conditions, yet is still within reach of our beloved friends and family in Belgium. Our paradise got a name: Labenne, a small, calm village in the center of a popular tourist region. Not only does it have many surf spots, it has ample cosy and gastronomical things to do!

Surfing has evolved a lot in 10 years. For many people, surf trips – like ski trips – have become an essential part of their annual holiday planning. With enormous enthusiasm and love we aim to cater to that need. Our passion has literally become our profession: welcoming our guests, cooking for them, surfing with them and especially, making them feel at home. The combination of a homely and relaxed atmosphere with personalized advice and extra attention for the surfing needs of our guests is very popular. Soon, many surfers and bon vivants alike were finding their way to Board ‘n Breakfast.

We’ve travelled across the globe always trying to find the best places to spend the night at a reasonable price. Now we can offer our guest such a home away from home. We’ll be welcoming you with open arms to our small paradise. Everyone is welcome here, surfer or non-surfer.


  • Age: 7 years
  • Surfed twice already
  • Loves all beaches
  • Can find pine cones anywhere, even on beaches!
  • Is everyone’s friend


  • Born in 1983
  • Has been surfing for 17 years
  • Loves wine more and more every year
  • Hates sitting still
  • Favorite wave: clean 1.5m barrel at the beach in front or at Capbreton
  • Happily married to Ine since 2013
  • Goal in surfing: improve timing and flow


  • Born in 1983
  • Has been surfing for 12 years
  • Loves the calm and nature of Labenne, and is happy family and friends are less than 1000 km away.
  • Loves healthy and tasty food
  • Favorite wave: Seignosse on a medium day in bikini weather
  • Happily married to Anton since 2013
  • Goal in surfing: have more courage, improve timing


  • Born in 2016
  • Anton and Ine’s kid
  • Already surfed once and loves to play in the sea
  • Super stoked about his first O’Neill wetsuit
  • Loves his toy bunny, real animals and everything with an engine
  • Goal in 2018: take a first wave