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We are always around to advise our guests with first hand knowledge about where to surf when, according to your own level.

Labenne Océan

Labenne Océan has a well formed sandbar to offer where perfect waves peel in on a regular basis. But the main advantage of Labenne is that it’s a lot quieter than most of the nearby breaks, because there’s only one main road leading to the beach. If you want to search for your own perfect waves near the main break, then a bicycle or your own feet are the only possible means of transportation. Surfers often fight for the same wave like dogs fight for a bone, but not often a surfer steps aside of the known path in search of his/her own. That’s why there’s practically always a quiet wave to be found nearby, even in the summertime, when the crowd reaches it’s peak.


Capbreton needs no introduction. The world famous breaks La Piste and VVF often made us daydream of it’s perfect barrels breaking on the sandbars day after day after day. Grab one of our bikes, ride for about 15 minutes on a quiet pathway alongside a river, through the pine forests and lock yourself into a barrel of your own. Capbreton also has two sheltered spots to offer, Santocha and Le Prevent, and is therefore the ideal alternative when the swell is too big for most of the other breaks.


Hossegor is the annual host to one of the most prestigious surfing events of the World tour, the Quiksilver Pro France, and this for a good reason. A plentitude of barrels, powerful enough to make even the bravest amongst us shiver. La Sud and La Nord mainly work on bigger days while Les Culs Nuls and La Gravières can get so hollow you will want to live and tell your grandchildren about it.


Seignosse and the spots further north are real wave-magnets and are the places to check out when the swell is small. During previous surftrips in the beginning of our surfcareer, we often surfed there because these breaks are more forgiving. So don’t worry, even when you’re a complete beginner we can show the beaches you have to go to fit your needs.

Côte Basque

Biarritz is the birthplace of surfing in Europe and today you can still feel these roots. The legendary longboard spots Côte Basque and Grand Place are the main hotspots and really breathe out the surfspirit.

Further south you’ll even find two real big wave reefbreaks: Lafitenia and Guéthary.

Check out the spectacle on giant days when hardcore daredevils show their skills and guts on these waves with their board and a jet-ski to get towed in. The more south you’ll go the swell will drop proportional with the kilometres you drive. Even on the biggest days there’s always a shelter bay to be found with a rideable wave. With our insider information we’ll give you the right tips for your own search.